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The method behind the madness

THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE was established by me, Noisy, to tell my story to the world in hopes it'll inspire them and give them hope. I talk openly and honestly about my mental health struggles to try and encourage others to do the same, to show those who feel alone that we are all in this together. When I started this I had little expectation of people reading the posts I published, but what a pleasant surprise it was when they did. My audience quickly grew and it turned into a community. One where readers related to my brutal honesty and felt comfortable enough to share their own stories. 

All topics are covered here, from mental health and personality disorders to all things dogs. I talk a lot about my previous trauma and life experiences, as well as how I found the path I'm walking today. Some of the posts won't be an easy read so trigger warnings will be put in place. The point of this blog, essentially, is to create a safe space to talk about trauma and encourage others to do the same. Help end the stigma associated with mental health, and encourage everyone to talk openly. 

We may not share the same trauma, but we can relate to one another and support each other.  

This is the fight of your life.
- Noisy 

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